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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hips 10, Optimism 0

Heck, it wasn't even much of a fight. I haven't posted in a few weeks, mainly because the last batch of referrals left me somewhat numb. Nine days. Nine days worth of paperwork was completed. Referrals went up to LIDs from 7/22/2005. Our LID is 9/9/2005. I know we're just 50 days of paperwork away, but if they only make 9 days of progress each month, we're still 5-6 months away from a referral. Another birthday, another Thanksgiving, and, I can't believe I'm typing this, perhaps another Christmas... And that's just until we receive a referral, not even meeting her in person! OK, time to buck up. I need to get my head screwed back on straight. I'm tired of being cranky and unmotivated (not a good combo at work, FYI). And I'm especially tired of the pre-adoption malaise weight that I've gained over the past several months. It's time to get serious about not being so serious all the time. So what's my plan, you ask? Well, since you ask, I guess I'd better start thinking of one. I have actually considered silly things such as LA Weight Loss and Nutrisystem, but c'mon. Realistically, I'm looking at losing 10-15 pounds, and if I can't do that on my own, I have bigger problems than my hips. So I'm going to go out on a limb and try the "eat less, exercise more" route since it seems to be the only method that truly works. The trouble is, it's never as simple as it sounds, right?

I actually feel a little back on track already today. We spent the holiday weekend with friends at a cabin in Northern Wisconsin. It was three solid days of doing absolutely nothing but read, nap, eat and drink. Plus a dash of shopping for good measure. It was nice to not really think about anything more complicated than which bottle of wine should we open.


Blogger C said...

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9/09/2006 08:29:00 PM  
Blogger C said...

Hey Lee--

I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you today. Happy 9/9--happy as it can be, anyway.


9/09/2006 08:30:00 PM  

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