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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Things I'm Chewing On

I'm finding that while I'm home, I really don't have that much to write about. E offers new delights each day, don't get me wrong. The latest is that she has new words -- up, hi and bye to add to Mama and BaBa (although sometimes R is DaDa, and I don't even know where she heard that). And she is sleeping like a champ -- 2+ hour nap yesterday and working on a good one today, plus 12+ hours of sleep two nights in a row. Growth spurt or new pattern? Who knows... It's just that there is such a sameness to the days, and I'm not doing so well with that. I don't feel productive in the sense that housework doesn't give me a sense of accomplishment. I know that being with E is productive, but it isn't always enough. Next week, I'm back to work, and I head back with a mixture of dread and relief. I do really dread leaving her, since I know I will miss so many small changes and developments. Plus, she's just a joy to be with. But there is relief too. Relief that R is home with her all summer, so we don't have to do daycare for three more months. But mostly relief to have the stimulation of being at work again. I really don't even feel guilty about it, and I know E and her Baba will have a great summer. Shoot, maybe I'm jealous? OK, I know I'm not... Another thing I'm chewing on at the moment is E's eating. Not sure what is going on there. She is finally eating a few things that are more solid -- more "real" food that is, but it is one step forward, two steps back at this point. As a recap, when we brought her home, she had never had solids, and wouldn't let us put a spoon in her mouth, so she has made HUGE progress in this area. Now she definitely wants a taste of whatever we're having, and she has gladly sampled and enjoyed veggie sausage, eggs, cheese, fruit, crackers, ravioli, veggie booty and even turkey bacon. (FYI, we are not health nuts, she has also had ice cream, pizza and chocolate chip cookies on occasion). The trouble is that she still doesn't really chew her food. When we met E, she just had four teeth -- two top center, and two bottom center. And she still has only those four teeth. Not super conducive for chewing, and she mostly moves the food around in her mouth until it dissolves sufficiently to swallow. This takes quite some time for each bite of anything substantive (i.e. more than banana puffs or veggie booty). Quite some time. She is definitely bored (and fussing and crying) with eating long before she has consumed enough calories for a small canary to survive. And now that she has a taste for said real food, baby food just doesn't cut it. Even the much-loved Malt-O-Meal got the sniff of disdain at breakfast. I am trying very hard not to obsess about the eating thing, and I know she won't starve. But the belly hasn't been full of much besides formula and yogurt (still immensely popular thank goodness) in several days. C'mon teeth, we need you! The other thing I'm chewing on is far more weighty than the eating issue. It's the only child issue. There's a strong change that E will be an only child, and it has me conflicted and troubled on many levels. I'm not ready to post more about it, but I will when I can do so a little more thoughtfully. So that's what I'm chewing on at the moment. And hey, thanks for a nice number of comments on the last post. Great to hear from everyone! And in case you were wondering, you CAN carry your child around in a grocery sack if you are careful to double bag first...


Blogger Mama said...

Just thinking about E's food issues. Good to be patient . . . but like you, I always want to do something if I can.

The foods you listed are pretty much all difficult to chew. Gabby would have had trouble chewing them prior to getting her molars in.

Can you try softer foods with less substance? blueberries, bananas, sweet potatoe - with butter and cinnamin, it is a big hit usually - even kidney beans cut in half, ???, pumpkin out of a can, jello, really soft things, that actually do have substance - just get her practicing the mashing needed. ?? Sorry to butt in, I'm sure you've tried these all and others. I guess I just like to participate. :)

5/08/2007 04:46:00 PM  
Blogger Lee said...


Got your email too, thanks! She's been eating the soft stuff pretty well already, especially fruit. She still doesn't really try to gum the food, just let's it sit in there to dissolve and then swallow. She did better tonight, which seems to be the case as soon as I blog about something. I think I've decided to only try giving her more challenging foods during snack time, rather than meals...

Oh yeah, she's not into beans or avocados so far -- can you have Gabby give her a call to endorse them?

5/08/2007 08:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carrots out of a can are soft and mushy, bananas are mushy, beans can be mushy. I'd give these a shot!

- Lynn

5/09/2007 11:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Billie said...

Lee: Don't know if you remember me, but I got a referral for a Lian Yuan in December, only we are still waiting to go get her (through the SN program). I am really enjoying your entries, though they are bittersweet because I realize how much of my Lian Yuan's life I am missing out on. But I also feel closer to her when I read about your little one - who knows...maybe they were playmates!

Also, can't remember if you are a MN family (as we are)?

Lastly, I enjoyed reading your work/family thoughts. I do find work a nice juxtoposition to being a mom. Best of luck to you and keep writing! Billie (

5/09/2007 10:00:00 PM  
Blogger nikki said...

Just getting caught up.

We went thru major eating (or NOT eating) issues with Lily for awhile. It can be so stressful, but pediatricians SWEAR that kids will eat when they are hungry/won't starve themselves. So, just keep trying and give her repeatedly the things you KNOW she will eat.
As far as being ready to get back out in the workforce: I can completely understand. I work part-time outside of the home and I enjoy that time away very much. It is good for me, and it is great for Lily too (who has always been a major momma's girl).
Glad E is sleeping so well for you. That is definitely a blessing. (one we have never enjoyed over here...oh well).
She is such a doll and I have enjoyed following your story.

5/12/2007 12:08:00 PM  

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